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Tumor Cell Lines

2,000+ tumor cell lines (cancer cell lines) are availble from Glow Biologics for your research. Made in house. Multi tissues and sources for your choices.

Tumor Cell Lines

Tumor Cell Line (Cancer Cell Line) has long been used to study the underlying biologic processes in cancer, as well as screening platforms for discovering and evaluating the efficacy of anticancer therapeutics. In cancer research, collections of tumor-derived cell lines are often used as models because they carry hundreds to thousands of aberrations that arose in the tumor from which they were derived. 

Glow Biologics is collecting various human and animal carcinoma cell lines and genetically modified cell lines. All the tumor cell lines are comprehensively qualified by testing virus contamination, microbial contamination and cross culture contamination. Some tumor cell lines are characterized by karyotyping and/or cell surface markers.

We offer 2,000+ tumor cell lines from human and animals in stock. All the tumor cell lines are quality in order to support cancer research on medical of pharmaceutical sciences.