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Stable Cell Lines

Glow Biologics offers 2,500+stable cell lines. Made in house. High Quality Guranteed. One-stop-solution to satisfy your project requirement

Stable Cell Lines

Engineered and ready-to-order Stable Cell Lines

Knockout Cell Lines: 

CRISPR/Cas9 Engineered knockout(KO)cell lines from Glow Biologics offer you with reliable, off-the-shelf, single-gene knockouts so that you can confidently interrogate the relationship between genotype and phenotype. We provide 2,500+ knockout cell lines in multi cell lines, such as HEK293T, HeLa, A549, etc. All knockout cell lines are confirmed by Sanger sequencing, and many have western blot data.

Reporter Cell Lines: 

Reporter cell lines are useful tools for monitoring biological activity of nuclear receptor ligands. Glow Biologics developed a set of reporter cell lines to express a luminescence or fluorescent reporter including firefly luciferase, RFP or GFP fluorescent marker, Renilla luciferase, etc under a tissue specific promoter. 200+reporter cell lines are available and ready-to-order.

Note: Don’t find the cell line you need on our website? Or Need to generate the stable cell line in your specific host cell lines, Glow Biologics provide Stable Cell Line Services. Please Contact Us for a service quote.