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About Us

Glow Biologics identifies, develops, and provides high-quality cell biological reagents and tools which are essential in a wide range of fields and applications including drug discovery, diagnostics and basic life scientific research.

About Glow Biologics

Glow Biologics is a biotechnology company supplying for primary cells, tumor cell line, stable cell lines, recombinant proteins, Adenovirus and other cell biological products. All of primary cells, including endothelial, bone marrow cells, epithelial cells, tumor cells, liver cells, stem cells, etc., and knockout cell lines along with other related cell culture products are all rigorously tested and manufactured in USA.

In collaboration with other cell technology companies, our commitment is providing high quality cells products world-wide to our customers for your research needs and also providing customized one stop solutions to your specific research problems. Glow Biologics has developed our unique CRISPR/Cas9 gene knockout platform to accurately knockout the designated genes. We are also offering overexpression stable cell lines, including a series of EGFR mutant overexpression stable cell lines and Lentivirus Services. High quality products and services are guaranteed to satisfy your needs for your projects. 

Our Mission

To provide better, easier, and more economic solutions to serve the research community in areas such as cancer, drug discovery and other basic science research.

Our Team

We have over 20 PhD scientists who thrive on deploying their in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Our products

We supply the global life science community with primary cells,  tumor cell lines, stable cell lines, Lentivirus, Adenovirus and other cell biological products are supported by detailed data - from handling and recommended use, to validation results, user comments, and QC. 

Our products combine biology and data, together with expert customer support and fast delivery. 

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